Alibaba Training


1.What are the packages of Alibaba?

There are 4 packages of Alibaba as follows:

  1. Basic $1399
  2. Basic Pro $1899
  3. Standard $2999
  4. Premium $4999

2.What are the benefits of Alibaba?

Alibaba is a world’s largest platform for wholesale business to get international buyers by working at home.

3.Is Alibaba Provide any monthly package?

No. Alibaba charged per year

4.How many inquiries we get in a month?

There is no limit of inquiries it depends on your performance.

5.How many Products can be uploaded to get inquiries?

You can upload minimum 15 products in first 15 days to get inquiries.

6.How many RFQ’s we get in a month?

It depends on the package that you’ve selected ,

  1. Basic $1399 (20 RFQ’s) Minimum/per month
  2. Basic Pro $1899(20 RFQ’s) Minimum/per month
  3. Standard $2999(40 RFQ’s) Minimum/per month
  4. Premium $4999. (60 RFQ’s) Minimum/per month

RFQ’s will be increased by your performance based.

7.What is the difference among Alibaba packages?

        O Prices

        O Show cases

        O RFQ’s

        O KWA

8.Are you sure we get business on Alibaba?

Sorry we never give you any guarantee it depends on your Products, response rate, price and your working performance.

9.What is Showcase?

Showcase is a place where you can put your best quality products for top selling. Alibaba Promote these products on first page of Alibaba.


10.Can you design free minisite with account?

We charged for designing and management.

11.What is KWA?
Keyword Advertisement used to boost your products on top positions on first page.

12.What is Payment method?

Through Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal and TT. But we also guide you about process.

13.What documents are required for Registration?
You will need NTN, PTCL/ mobile Bill, 181 form, I’D Card.If your company have partners then you will need partnership deed as well.

14.Where can we download 181 form?

You can download 181 form from the site IRIS FBR.