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What Will You Learn!

What is Wordpress?

WordPress is a word that we commonly hear. It is the name of a platform that allows its users to create websites and blogs. The benefit of using WordPress is that it is free and no money is required for it. It is a Content Management System (CMS). More than 43% of internet websites run with the help of WordPress..

WordPress VA Course:

Web Excels is providing one of the best Wordpress courses in Sialkot where you can learn to use WordPress with practical knowledge. If you are looking forward to creating your own website or your blog, this is the right place for you in Sialkot.

Course Contents:

  • • Introduction to WordPress
  • • How to work on WordPress
  • • How to install WordPress on a PC
  • • Difference between WordPress and Wordpress.org
  • • Creating an online store
  • • What are plugins?
  • • How to create an impressive website on WordPress
  • • How to use WordPress dashboard
  • • How to create your blog on WordPress
  • • Using WordPress themes
  • • How to customize a self-hosted website and menu
  • • Learning the right uses of WordPress

How is this Course Helpful?

By signing up for this course, you will be able to become more skilled at using WordPress and it can derive great career opportunities for you. We provide our students an environment where they can work on real websites in E-Commerce during their training. After completing the course, the students will get professional certification. Students will be able to create their own websites or blogs. Apart from that, they can also aim to become a freelance website creator or start their own website designing company.