Import & Export Course

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What Will You Learn!

Significance of the Course:

Every organization in the business world aims to have a successful career. Import/export and international trading has become necessary for a company in order to grow. Having theoretical knowledge about international marketing makes it easier for a company to achieve its goals. Web Excels, being one of the expert companies in Sialkot, provides an informative course about import and export.

Study Design:

  • • Global Trading
    • What are the Statistics of Trade?
    • Phenomenon of International Trading
  • • Export
    • What is Export?
    • Customer Handling
    • Pricing your Products
    • General Export Problems
    • Payment Methods
    • Packaging
    • Shipping
    • Export Documentation
    • Insurance Issues
    • Tips to Enhance you Export
  • • Import
    • Introduction to Import
    • Finding Trustworthy Suppliers
    • Getting Product Details
    • Reliable Payment Methods
    • Import Documentation
    • Tracing Supply Chain
    • Problems faced by Importers
    • Bonus tips for the Import Process
  • • Expanding your Import/Export Business
    • How to Create Your Name in the Global Market
    • How to Grip More Customers
    • Fundamentals of this course for beginners
    • How to Avoid Fraud

You will have a better understanding of how global trading and import/export works once you sign up to this course. Our company is providing the best environment and study syllabus for students who are willing to take this course.