Basic Computer Course

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What Will You Learn!

Why is this course needed?

Today, all kinds of businesses, jobs, and other professional fields run with the help of computers. Companies demand that every employee know at least the basic operations of a computer. Web Excels provides a course that teaches the fundamental concepts and operations of a computer.

The Course Framework:

Contents of the Course:
• Background of Computer
• Components of a Computer
Basic Computer Operations:
• How does a Computer work
• Creating files and folders
• Printing documents
Hardware and Software:
• Details about Hardware Devices
• Software Features
• How does Windows Work
• Installing Windows on a PC
MS Word:
• How Microsoft Word works
• Creating, Saving, and Viewing Documents
• Using Word tools
MS Excel:
• Operating Microsoft Excel
• Learning about worksheets, workbooks, formatting, etc.
• Performing Calculations on Excel
• MS PowerPoint:
• Introduction to PowerPoint
• Creating Presentations
• Using templates
• Adding Charts and Graphs
Google Accounts:
• Creating Accounts on Google
• E-mail Management
• Basics about Internet
• How to use Web Browsers